Dear Oribi users,
Our Facebook Analytics tool is temporarily unavailable

We hope you enjoyed using Facebook Analytics in the past and we’d LOVE to see you here again.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Why is Facebook Analytics on vacation?

We are currently working on our main product, User Analytics tool.
It’s an innovative tool which enables the tracking of all events performed by the users, to better learn their behavior patterns and understand how to get more leads. In the near future Facebook Analytics will be integrated with this new User Analytics tool. Since we believe in creating absolutely amazing products, we have decided that Facebook Analytics deserves a short vacation. When it returns it will fulfill its dream to become a ‘Wow’ tool and perform to its full potential.

Thank you for signing up. We will contact you once we are ready to go

If you signed up to Facebook Analytics in the past, we’ll keep you updated on its return.

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